Keg Tracker

About Keg Tracker

Our main aim is to provide you with the data to make better decisions.

Keg Tracker was developed as part of the Beverage Insights family who has a rich history in the beverage, bar and brewery industry. Keg Tracker's sole aim is to provide you with all the data around your brewery and kegs to make better business decisions. In today’s business landscape having the right information at your finger tips is crucial to the agility of your business.

Improve the profitability and logistics of your brewery by knowing what’s in your keg, where they are and when they should return are at all times. Better inventory management, with improved keg turn around times, means more profit.

Realtime dashboards of your inventory helps you make decisions to better run your brewery, or logistics chain. Keg Tracker allows you to predict when kegs should return to help you improve and optimize your brewery and filling stations, not only helping you optimize the logistics side of your brewery, but also helps you to better staff your brewery floor.